Managed Class for Sierra CDMA Modem

As is typical, I started what I thought would be a simple project – providing managed access to a Sierra Wireless AirCard 555 CDMA modem from managed code. I did a basic eVB wrapper in COM for it about a year ago and figured it was going to be cake. Little did I know…

The first problem is that it needed a native callback.  Second, that callback takes a union parameter, which has some 50+ members.  Third, the few pieces of info retrieved without the callback would be used to update a UI and had long retrieval times, so retrieval must be on a Thread, yet most users won’t want to deal with using Invoke for everything.

So the short story is that it took a lot longer to develop than originally planned.  I guess that’s how development typically works.

It’s only been through light testing, and I still need to add a lot of XML comments and run it through NDOC, but it’s pretty much complete.  This is going to be a for-sale product through OpenNETCF Consulting, the “commercial arm“ of the OpenNETCF project (we’ve got to pay the bills somehow).  If you’re interested, email us.

Here’s a snapshot of my test harness, which gives you an idea of the properties exposed.

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