Free Marketing

OpenNETCF has a budget of about zero.  We’ve paid for absolutely no marketing whatsoever, so any “market awareness” is purely by word of mouth and search engine results. 

So tonight I got to wondering, many compaies pay thousands for search engine ranking and hire teams to better themselves.  I wonder how we’re faring. Here are the results from some quick Google tests.  I list the search term and the placement we got:

Compact Framework : #2
Compact Framework Code : #1 (beating Microsoft even)
Compact Framework Samples : #15 (surprisingly low based on the last 2)
.NET Mobile : Not in first 50 (though DePaul University has a CF course, neat!)
Managed Code Mobile : #49
Pocket PC VB : #12
Pocket PC C# : #28
Pocket PC Managed : not in top 50
CE Managed Code : #7
Compact Framework Consulting : #4

So it seems that we’ve got pretty good placement for what I’d think are common search terms. I’d love to see higher ranking on some, but it seems we’re getting more than we pay for.

2 thoughts on “Free Marketing”

  1. Thanks for the info about DePaul’s CF course. Purdue also has a course in the Department of Computer Technology that teaches software development for mobile devices using primarily the CF. I used to be the graduate assistant for the course and now teach it as a lecturer since graduation. We’ve had several students use OpenNETCF code in their projects. Thanks!


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