NDOC Frustrations

If you’ve done much with the CF, then you’re likely aware that NDOC doen’t much like any namespace that’s outside of the standard FFW (like the Microsoft.WindowsCE stuff).  While that’s been an annoyance for documenting parts of the SDF (leaving holes in the docs), I just ran into a place where it prevents me from generationg any docs – when targeting the TinyCLR.

So, has anyone found anything that can generate decent looking docs without exploding on stuff it doesn’t see (or maybe asking for the reference)?  I know NDOC is open source and I could get it working, but I’d rather do actual work.

2 thoughts on “NDOC Frustrations”

  1. Now it’s nowhere near as powerful as NDoc, but have you tried the built in "Build Comment Web Pages…" feature in Visual Studio. It does seem to be more flexible for example it will build documentation for OpenNETCF libraries in debug or release configurations so without all the nasty #if !NDOC stuff around MessageWindow etc

    The stupid thing with NDoc is you can document any of the standard .NETCF libraries just fine but if you add a library which references them it tries to resolve the references against the full framework, which means our documentation is incorrect when it describes inherited members because many of them don’t exist – this is especially noticable with the custom controls.



  2. Scrub the last message, "Build Comment Web Pages" has been dropped from VS2005. What is good however is that NDoc builds quite happily against .NETCF v2.0 (Hurrah!) so you can leave references to Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms in and all is well.



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