A Pocket Excel API

So I started a amanged wrapper for Pocket Excel some time ago – probably a year and a half now.  I made good progress – got it so you can real and write workbooks, worksheets, cells – just no support for the formulas yet.  Then I got sidetracked with one thing after another. 

Initially I was going to use it as a commercial product to get revenue to support OpenNETCF, but I honestly don’t have the time for it.  If I can find someone, or a group of someones willing to put in a final push to finish it (maybe an industrious student looking for thesis material?) I’ll donate it to the community at large as an OpenNETCF namespace.

Any takers?

One thought on “A Pocket Excel API”

  1. I am an engineering student of computer science. and working with Pocket Excel.I want to extract text from Pocket Excel files. I am using C# .NET Language.

    I want your help in this project..



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