SDF 1.2 Released!

Just in time for the OpenNETCF Coding Competition,’s SDF 1.2 has been released!

Among the new features in version 1.2 are:


 – EnumEx replaces OpenNETCF.Enum
 – EnvironmentEx replaces OpenNETCF.Environment, adds MachineName,
   UserName, and GetLogicalDrives
 – MathEx – New Constants and FFT implementations


 – EventLog – Logging component for help with debugging and
   development OpenNETCF.Drawing
 – Added GraphicsEx, PenEx, and BitmapEx classes that wrap native
   drawing API’s.


 – Bug fixes and feature enhancements


 – Sms class


 – AdvancedMarshaler – Better support for complex data marshaling
 – MarshalEx – Added ReAllocHGlobal method


 – Get real-time information about running processes and threads


 – Added a much more robust set of tracing classes akin to the full


OpenNETCF.Web.Services2 (yes WSE 2.0!):
 – Provides implementations for:
   * WS-Addressing
   * WS-Attachments
   * WS-Security
   * WS-SecureConversation


 – Help class now modelled more closely on FFW
 – New ProgressBarEx control
 – Added SoundPlayer and SystemSounds classes modeled after the FFW
 – Enhanced SmartList features

3 thoughts on “SDF 1.2 Released!”

  1. Hello.

    How can I create a GraphicsEx object from a Graphics object?
    Is the "GraphicsEx.FromHdc(IntPtr nativeGraphics)" function that I should use?
    In this case, how can I obtain "nativeGraphics" parameter from my Graphics object?

    Thanks in advance.

    Alex Paz.


  2. How can I get OpenNETCF.ToolHelp dll. I need thtion to check network connection typeais for my windows mobile applic


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