SDF Adoption

So I got a call from a lawyer for a “multi-billion dollar global packaging company” yesterday.  Normally calls from any lawyer would make me nervous, but she was simply looking to clarify the OpenNETCF Shared Source License.  Evidently there are some minor tweaks that they’ll be more comfortable with.  Considering that a few non-lawyers drafted it, I’m shocked they only had some minor items, and I think the changes can only help support adoption of the technology.

At any rate, once we covered the issues, she asked (just for her own edification) why we’re giving away our software.  She said that they use plenty of open-source stuff, all of which they have to pay for (support, packaging, or whatever) and that the OpenNETCF model is truly unique.  She was curious “how we pay the rent and eat. Is is simply a philosophical idea you’re promoting?”  A damned good question!

We (OpenNETCF members) like to help people.  We hate seeing people reinventing the whell over and over doing mundane crap when they could be doing something fun and interesting.  We don’t ever plan on charging for the libraries.  We currently use it as a “resume builder“ for our Consulting Company in the hopes that someone will say “hey these guys know their shit!  Let’s hire them to do x, y and z.“  That’s panning out, but not quite at the speed we’d hoped.

We’re considering a couple other options as well, like selling “support packages“ for the SDF and even acception some sort of donations.  If you’ve got any ideas (or an extra shoebox full of twenties lying around) contact us!


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