New project

For those curious about what I’ve been up to, I’m working on a thing – can’t really name it, but it’s longer than an article, but not quite a book.  Think of a 3-chapter technical book.

The working title is “Communication with VB.NET” but it’s somewhat misleading.  When I say “communication” I mean data marshalling.  It’s going to cover intra-thread, inter-thread and inter-process data marshalling.  Basically if you have one Form and you need to get data to another, how do you do it?  How about from one thread to another?  Or one process to another?  These kind of questions come up frequently in the newsgroups, so I’m putting together a definitive guide. 

As you may know, I think print media is dead for technical subjects, so I’ll be PDFing it and selling it through OpenNETCF Consulting.  It’ll probably be in the $5-$10 range.  If it’s successful, we’ll try to do a series of them on several topics and in several languages (think C# or VB, not English v. French).  Any topics you think need to be covered?

This one will be unusual in that it will apply to desktop developers in many instances, but all code will be targeted to run under the CF.  It’s a real pain when CF developers have to “down-port” desktop code in a book to use it.

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