Inside the spammer’s mind

Can you fucking beleive this?  Spammers justifying their work?

I’ve updated the OpenNETCF Wiki to require a user ID be filled in to Edit.  Tomorrow I’ll add stuff to prevent Google from tracking the common Sandbox and Recent Users pages.  You know, I’d much rather do real work on my time than fight these jackasses.

2 thoughts on “Inside the spammer’s mind”

  1. Remember at school when teachers used to put up lists to sign up to play sport xyz, sure enough a couple of hours later donald duck and mickey mouse had signed up … the people who did that must have been practising their future careers at spamming.

    A open book in public and your suprised that people fill it with junk ?? Frustrating yes but I had given up on society a long time ago so I expect it.



  2. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone will ever stop spamming, not even government. Wikis and blogs are the next thing they are moving to and are ruining a great source of information sharing. Implementing some sort of fine at the ISP level ($1/spam like you suggested) will get the wheels going but that will never pass. The bigger ISP will never let that happen. My ISP actually implements a blacklist/blocking mechanism like hotmail.

    For wiki and blogs you may want to implement a CAPTCHA image before posting a new page or editing a page. Putting a username may be easy to circumvent but getting by a CAPTCHA image may take a little bit more work than the spammers think is worth. It’s not a foolproof way but it will deter some of the spammers away. Kind of like an alarm system on your car, the professionals can get passed it but the amateurs will move on to the next car with no alarm. I think there are very few professional spammers out there, but I may be wrong on that, some will get by the security and some will just move on to the next. Hopefully most will just walk away.

    BTW there is source for ASP.NET and CAPTCHA at



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