Spammers up with current technologies

Well it didn’t take long.  Those loathesome spammers are now targeting Wikis and Blogs.

I’ve noticed the the OpenNETCF Wiki routinely gets crap posted to it as links to some other site, in an obvious attempt to generate better search engine ranking.  I delete it as soon as I notice it, but it’s annoying.  I also notice that it seems to only happen in the Sandbox, which makes me think it’s probably robot generated.

Last night I got what seems to be half a dozen comments to various posts in my blog, all with crap names and text, but with valid “home pages” which again provides inlinks to their sites in an attempt to improve search engine ranking.  This is even more annoying becasue my blog engine doesn’t have a simple emthod for deleting them, so I have to manually edit the xml.  Looks like it’s time for a new blog engine.  Any recommendations?  I need cross browsert compatibility, simple to set up and simple to maintain.

I think it should be fully legal to do denial-of-service attacks against these jackasses. 

One thought on “Spammers up with current technologies”

  1. I’ve had the same thing all week.
    The comment title text is always in Chinese in this case, and the actual sites being linked to seem to come in batches of the same ones, so it’s a definite commercial spamming operation (the same people are doing it on behalf of various ‘customers’, with multiple entries per ‘customer’ for each attack).


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