Spam Update

I’ve now been running SpamBayes for a little over a week.  I’ve trained it with about 6000 known good and about 600 known spam emails.  According to SpamBayes it should be equal for best results, but I didn’t have 6000 known-spams lying around for training, but I ran it this morning against a single one of my email accounts (IDSS) for just the emails received between the time I went to be and the time I woke up.  This is what I got:

Out of 46 total emails:

  • 1 (2%) was caught by Symantec’s AV
  • 26 (66%) were spam caught by SpamBayes
  • 3 (7%) were spam missed by SpamBayes
  • 16 (25%) were valid emails (high only due posts from a yahoo group)

So far it’s the best spam filter I’ve tried, and it’s still learning.

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