Yet another way to waste time….

I’ve really got no free time to speak of, but when a couple DVDs arrived in my mailbox yesterday, I just had to run the install.

For the record, when using Virtual PC, 128MB or RAM is not a large enough allocation for Longhorn…. 🙂 It could only do 4-bit color at 640×480 and was slooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.  With a 600MB allocation on a 3.8GHz machine it’s not bad (considering it’s a very early release and hosted on Server 03) . 

Now to install Whidbey.  Unreleased products running on unreleased products.  That’s a recipe for a crash if I’ve ever seen one.

2 thoughts on “Yet another way to waste time….”

  1. Um, you might want to check before installing Whidbey…while the PDC release of Whidbey runs on the PDC release of Longhorn (I’m doing that now), as far as I know Whidbey does *not* run on the latest build of Longhorn (and I think that does apply to the latest Whidbey build…boy this versioning complicates communication) . I think they’re recommending developing a meaningful relationship with MSBuild until the versions get synched.


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