Killing Spam

Since I’m fairly prolific on the web with newsgroup posts, articles, forum posts and the like, I get an inordinate amount of Spam – on the order of 400-500 spams a day.  I’ve been fighting it for a few years now, and until now it’s always seemed like the Spammers were winning.

I installed SpamBayes just two days ago and it is now correctly identifying about 80% of the crap.  I’ve got it set to not do anything with suspected items, only definitive Spam, so it probably could have a much better rate, but I figure why have it mark possible Spam that I have to read in a separate folder?   I mena if I have to read it anyway to verify if it’s Spam, just leave it in my Inbox. 

Most importantly, it has not incorrectly marked or deleted any valid email, even when it had zero training.  I figure with a month of training this thing may be over 90%, saving me potentially a few hours a week.  And best of all, it’s free.

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